prAxis Kettlebell Athletica

1:  exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill
2:  practical application of a theory 

"When we say strength, we mean kettlebell.
When we say kettlebell, we mean strength." - Pavel Tsatsouline

San Francisco-based prAxis, and its East Coast brethren Strengthiness, are boutique training outfits operated by two pairs of sexy jeans hooked on the Hard Style method of kettlebell training as taught by Pavel Tsatsouline.  We believe that we've been put on this planet to share our awesome approach to physical culture, blending old-school discipline and dedication, time-honored training methods, and cutting-edge neuroscience to build bodies that are happy, healthy, and strong.  prAxis is operated by the Mandarin Menace, and can be reached at

The kettlebell, like all strength implements, is merely a means to an end.  If you want to get faster, leaner, stronger, you must work on all your athletic attributes to condition the body to better adapt to the training loads required to accomplish your goals - and this is true even if you only want to lose weight.  If you have no interest in improving your vision, balance, mobility, agility, speed, stamina, breath, and other athletic / outdoor skills, then perhaps you should look elsewhere for kettlebell "workouts," as we are probably not the right fit for each other.  

Please describe your goals and current fitness level when making your initial inquiry.  There is absolutely no judgment on what you'd like to accomplish, but due to high demand, we will only allocate available appointment spots to individuals who are able to demonstrate their motivation and commitment to achieving results!