Athletic Engine Optimization ::: An Algorithm

The Mandarin Menace is all about A+ performance.  Mediocrity is not an option.  The rationale for athletic development is simple: I want to move effortlessly through life with vitality and stamina, and to enjoy an embodied existence that is defined by graceful play.  To be the Renaissance monkey that is the paragon of all primates.  To not be that damsel in distress, or in a few decades, the old lady who had fallen and couldn't get up.  I'd like to possess elite athletic skills so I can have wicked fun in life and all that it entails - work, dance, play, sex, bank heists, and other gravity-defying ninja mischiefs.

If you want to follow my footsteps, you must first understand the paradigm that I subscribe to.  The Z Health Essentials of Elite Performance course will introduce you to the most scientific and effective methodology that I have encountered that informs the pursuit of excellence in all other disciplines.  Z Health reverse-engineers what the best athletes do naturally and takes us step-by-step through integrated visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive training to maximize the clarity and quality of our movements and thought patterns as a gateway to higher-order, coordinated functioning of body and mind.  This brings happiness.

Andrew Luck, Quarterback
Class of 2012, Stanford University
Can you throw a football?  Can you move into position to throw a football?  Can you produce the trunk rotation and neck rotation needed to optimize the throw?  Can you recruit strength with your right arm out to the side?  Are your fingers strong enough to hold onto the ball and then launch it?  Are you rooted and balanced?  Can your ankles, knees, and hips execute a coordinated joint-flow sequence to produce the torque you need for a powerful throw?  Can your eyes track a moving target?  

Do you think you will throw better if you improve upon every single element of this complex skill mentioned above?  After a weekend of touch football, does your knee or your rotator cuff complain loudly?  Does your "trainer" spend 15 minutes of your precious time watching you "loosen up" on the foam-roller?  Do you realize that if your muscles are tight, it means that your brain doesn't really want you to move that body part, because you suck at it and your nervous system is protecting you from potentially hurting yourself?  Do you want to not suck?  "
Suck for Luck" is a cop-out strategy.  My advice to the worst-performing NFL teams, and to all ye weekend warriors: practice Z Health.  Train like an athlete!                                                                                                                        

Just because we are "grown-ups" doesn't mean that we necessarily know how to walk or move well.  And just because we go to the gym doesn't mean we actually know anything about fitness.  Fit for what?  Operating a treadmill?  Good mobility and efficient movement constitute the foundation of athleticism. These are acquired skills.  They need to be learned and practiced systematically.  First Steps To Fitness is suitable for anyone, of any age, who wants to start from scratch, or hit the reset button after injury or inactivity, to jump start the athletic engine and get the body moving.  It is never too late to start, and you're never too lame to re-start.  

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